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50-in-1 AI Suite Does.. 😱Everything!😱

YES. These 50x AI's Make Me $100 To $5,000, EVERY DAY 👇 Right Now, April 2023

Look. You're about to get bombarded with a series of AIs, which collectively I call...the ULTIMATE AI. These let you complete a whole range of previously overwhelming tasks.. just by pasting a few words into the AI.

I cannot stress how much of a level-up this is, compared to "vanilla" Chat-GPT. Understand: ALL these automations are HUGELY profitable & let you level up a whole range of businesses for April 2023. Let's start with the most insane of all...

Your Image Description
Your Image Description

Create *NEW & UNIQUE* 💰 Browser-Based Software That Made Me $5k/Day.. In 3 Clicks!

Did you see my "2 Click AI" offer last month? A software suite which was a Warrior #1 and DOTD. Well.. get this: there were NO developers involved in creating this software. All 5x softwares were built with Chat-GPT!

Now, I'm letting YOU create software tools just like this, simply by pasting some text from your website into the AI. Then the AI suggests 3 software ideas, you choose the one you like & the AI instantly builds your software - right before your eyes! And YES these apps run in your browser, can be hosted on any website & can be sold or given away as bonuses. This is just AI #1.. Keep reading!

Generate Instant Banners 🎨With GPT (& A New Loophole!)

Chat-GPT is incredible at reasoning, following steps and writing sales copy. That's important because I discovered a secret, 100% free image website that lets me create images with code, like this "headline=xyz + image=this.jpeg + call-to-action=this".

This AI uses this loophole (and Chat-GPT's reasoning) to generate 3x instant banner ads in a matter of seconds. All YOU have to do is paste some text in from any website to get an instant banner!

These banners are perfect to promote ANY affiliate program on your website or blog.. no designer of Photoshop required. And since they are formatted by me - a seven-figure marketer - they are guaranteed to be super high-converting! $100 banners.. in two seconds! We changed the game & this is just AI #3!

Your Image Description
Your Image Description

Generate 5x Web Push Notifications For ANY Affiliate Program in 30 Seconds ⏲️

Web push is an exciting new technology that lets you send push notifications direct into people's browsers. It's like building an email list, but with better open rates - and no autoresponder to ban you! Now here's why that matters..

I'm including my PUSH PRO autoresponder as a special bonus with ULTIMATE AI. And.. that's because I want you to get the best out of this AI!

Now here's how it works: simply paste text from any website into ULTIMATE AI, and watch as the AI writes you a complete Push Broadcast Blast Message, with headline text, subheadline text, chrome click here text.. even the image is loaded! ALL of these messages are based on 40x of my own proven templates I preloaded into ULTIMATE AI..

Create Custom Video Games 🎮 (Gamify ANY Niche Website!)

Say whaaaaaat. Do you remember the old "Flappy Birds" game from back in the day? It was a simple game that hit #1 on the app store. Guess what! Chat-GPT can code this (and many other games). And...

With the "image loophole" I mentioned earlier, I've found a way to generate CUSTOM games with your own unique "sprites" and images.

You can embed these on any website, to gamify and increase engagement. Users can win a prize when they complete the game (eg score 5 points), such as a coupon or access to a bonus. Want a fitness game where all the graphics, backgrounds and characters relate to dieting? DONE! How about a make money game where your a flying dollar sign trying to get to make money island? No problemo. P.S. I'll give you the exact commands to generate your own graphics (and insert them into my game template with a simple COPY PASTE)

Your Image Description
Your Image Description

Generate Graphic Novel Comic Books 💭 To Promote Your Brand

This is especially cool when combined with my flipbook AI (keep reading). Simply paste some text into the AI and watch as it chooses from 3 classic graphic novel or Marvel comic template narratives, then "spins" them to your niche. ALL these comics follow a classic "hero-arc" and now YOUR brand and story can leverage these timeless 1950s classic pieces of americana.

The AI then generates a storyboard, dialogue and prompts (for graphic AIs such as DallE or MidJourney) that will then create perfect comics (like they were drawn by a pro artist working for Marvel c.2010, my fav comicbook era). Note that to get a consistent character style you will want to enter a celebrity. Not all of them are recognizable as this particular actor, but I like him, hence me opting for Keanu! Very cool and very fun!

Shhh! There's A Secret Way To Profit With A.I Art 🤫(AI #49!)

These big AI websites like Getty, iStockPhoto and Shutterstock KNOW that the AI is here. That's why they now ACCEPT AI art. That matters because these stock photo sites charge as much as $200 for a single photo! So..

WE can create art, images & stock photos with AI & sell it on these sites!

I researched what sells on these sites & I turned them into prompt templates that can be "spun" to any niche topic. Just paste some text in from a website, and watch as the AI writes you prompts for IN-DEMAND photos.

Ok now for the secret: there's a MEGA site that lets you distribute your AI photos to ALL the top stock photo sites at once. AI #1 your prompts, AI #2 generates them.. and then the AI distribution stock secret website shares them to iStock, Getty, etc - all you need to do is wait to get paid!

Your Image Description
Your Image Description

Instant Merch & eCom Products, Instagram-Ready🖼️ In 2 Clicks!

Fun fact: I used to sell t-shirts & had a pretty successful ecom business (with consistent five-figure months). Here,I took the most successful t-shirt designs (although they can be used for ANY ecom product like mugs, hoodies etc) and preloaded them into the AI.

You paste some text in from your website & the AI generates funny slogans (custom to your niche and website) AND it even inserts it on top of an actual t-shirt design...

These are "text-only" designs (which do sell!) BUT I am also including another prompt which creates super high quality graphics, so you can combine these to make your instant ecom product next level. Again ALL of this is done just by pasting some text from any website. Instant merch in two clicks!

Sell Notion Templates.. But ONLY If It Made $10K 👇In 2023!😉

A while back I heard about this thing called "notion templates" which are basically templates people buy on this website called Notion. I looked into it and it turns out people are making $100k per year or more selling these!

How did I know this? Because I extracted over 200 of the top-selling Notion templates with their sales stats and what they do! Next, I preloaded these in a prompt which goes like this "here's some info about my website [the text you paste in]. Now here's some of the most successful Notion Templates [my list of easy to create Notion templates that grossed $10k or more]. Now write me up a similar template". If you use Notion, this single AI is going to be worth thousands... And if you don't? This is your entry!

Your Image Description
Your Image Description

📧 Emails That Made Me Over 💸 $1,000,000 - In 1 Click!

While the AI is changing everything daily, one thing I would bank on is:

Email is still going to be a moneymaker in 2023, 2024 and beyond!

With emails, the MOST important element is the subject header. I've sent 10k+ emails (to millions of people) and *KNOW* what gets opens & clicks, and..

I've now preloaded them into a single template! $1 million emails in 1 click!

Simply paste some text in about the affiliate program or product you're promoting and the AI will write 20x email subjects, all based on my proven templates. These dynamic templates contain emojis, some contain ASCII text (making your emails look "bold" or "itallic" if you've seen other marketers do it). So just click once, then choose the proven million-dollar template you want!

Create Instant AI Flipbooks📖 With AI-Generated Content!

This is a special request for one of our top JVs, so I had to include it. Basically, the AI will generate a flipbook with preloaded content (text, images and video) for any niche you want. Then you simply copy the code, and either paste it onto your website or use it as an engaging bonus or content form for your audience.

Flipbooks are another feather to add to our (very full!) cap. And, I've found short and sweet is the best way to do it. Thus, this AI lets you create flipbooks in a matter of moments.

Your Image Description
Your Image Description

40x More AIs! We Have 50! That Was Just #1-10! See..

Truth is, I don't have time to list everything included here. I'm too busy either a) making money with these 50x AI prompts, or b) testing and experimenting with new AIs. But rest assured, this is just scratching the surface and with 50x AIs in total you can do so much such as: creating Chrome extensions, writing sales letters, writing articles, writing entire PDF reports, generate completely new brand names and logos, create childrens books (with dialog and illustrations), create lead-generation "wheel of fortune" games, create ecover photos and much, much more. The possibilities with this are.. ENDLESS!

WARNING! The Price Increases TODAY

This is a real price increase. If you come back later, you lose.

🖱️Click 2x To CLONE My 50x, $55/Minute AI "HACKS" & Turn Chat-GPT™ Into Your Own 24/7 CASH COW! 🐮

  • Includes *NEW* "5-in-1" A.I. Apps (Cloud-Based Apps - connect to Chat-GPT, Midjourney, RunWay_ML, DallE + More)
  • 1. Read CHEAT-SHEET To Understand ALL 5x Profitable AIs I Use (NOT JUST CHAT-GPT!)
  • 2. Select The AI You Want To Use & PROFIT! (5x Cloud-Based Apps, One For Each AI!)
  • 3. Paste Some Text About Your Website Into The A.I App To Train GPT On What You Want
  • 4. Watch As The AI Makes You FLAWLESS $100-500 Assets (x25!).. In 2 Clicks!

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The 50-in-1, Most DONE FOR YOU AI App, That Lets ANYONE Profit With Chat-GPT In 2023

AI #6: Automatic Freelance Jobs - DFY Upwork!
Automate Freelancing
A.I #16 - Build Your List With Weird "AI Traffic"!
AI, Get Me Buyer Leads
A.I #9: Create Entire Affiliate Promos & Bonuses!
Take Me To The Dark Side
A.I #3 - Chat-GPT Makes NEW Chrome Extensions!
Seriously? LET ME IN.
A.I #2 - Drive DAILY Buyer Traffic With AI Content!
Yes, Bypass The AI Detectors
A.I #5 - Viral Tweets.. By Copy-Pasting Google News!
Write My Tweets On Auto
A.I #10 - Spikey ClickBank Commissions!
Give Me Lumpy CB Bars
A.I #20 - Instant Videos That Sell. From An MP3!?
Turn My MP3s Into Slide Vids
A.I #17 - Get Instant Traffic.. With Weird Animations!
OK, Let's Try Stable Diffusion
A.I #18 - Mid Ticket With MidJourney
Unlimited CGI Images? YES.
A.I #4 - Voice-Overs That Sound Better Than Pros
Flawless Voices-Overs For ME
A.I #15 - Sell Software-Service Hybrids?!
OK, Enough! LET. ME. IN!

STOP THE PRESSES! Here's Just A TINY Selection Of...

What YOU'RE About To Create With The ULTIMATE AI (Just By Pasting Text 1x Into Each Of My 50x NEW AIs!)

  • Browser-Based Software

  • Google Chrome Extensions

  • eCovers & Device Mockups

  • In-Demand Notion Templates

  • AI Photos (The Stock Sites WANT To Sell For You!)

  • 3x BrandNames & Instant Logos

  • Marvel-Style FULL Comic Books

  • Children's Books (With Illustrations & Narrative You Can Tweak)

  • Affiliate Websites (Obviously)
  • Video Games With -Click "Sprites/Graphics"

  • eCommerce Product With Mockup

  • Pro Copywriter Headlines

  • $1 Million Email Subject Headers

  • AI Music (Remix Any Song!)

  • PDF Reports (2-5000 Words)

  • Articles The AI Can't Detect (500-1500 Words)

  • Video Sales Letter Scripts

  • Full Sales Page Websites
  • Complete HD PRO Videos With Scripts & Voices

  • Viral Topical Tweets For Any Niche

  • Stunning AI Videos

  • Graphics With MidJourney

  • Human-Sounding Voices

  • Graphics For ANY Website

  • Close & Fulfill ANY Freelance Job (Upwork, Freelancer, etc)

  • ..ALL From Pasting Once

  • ..PLUS Over 20x More!

See How Ultimate AI Stacks Up Against Ancient Make Money Methods - Head-To-Head

Still not convinced that you need to enter the make-money matrix?
Then, look, we even got the AI to make this handy little table for you...
Bottom line: your old-school tactics just won't cut it against my A.I... See!
AI Apps From Last Week
AI Apps From March
AI Apps From 2022
Genius Prompts?
5,000% Muscle?
Futuristic AI?...

Now Here's What You Get When You Shake Hands With A T-10,000...


50x AI "Cheat-Codes" That Made Us $100-2200/Day - PRELOADED!

Paste words into AI. Watch as AI returns with words that turn into wire transfers. Basically I made over $20 million. Then AI appeared. I went nuts. So I used AI to automate what I was doing. Then, I turned that automation into specific "chains" of commands ("prompts"). Basically copy-paste templates that we use to make $100-400 per day over the last 12 weeks - with ClickBank, WarriorPlus, Upwork & more. All YOU need to do is paste text from any website and watch as the AI applies my commands to YOUR specific niche or website. Magical...

THE State-Of-The-Art AI For April 2023

There are 50x systems that this single app automates. And while you don't need to understand how "all this" works, rest assured that it wasn't easy to get to this point. Each of the 50x systems has on average 4x prompts preloaded, giving a total of over 100x AI calls to make. And each one has perfect settings preloaded - eg "Chat GPT Turbo, 2200 tokens, 65 temperature".. and then a 100-500 word prompt. It's only because we went FULL NERD that you can boss the AI.. by copy-pasting.

Generate 50x Income-Generating internet Assets

Your Internet business runs off "assets" - sales copy, graphics, videos, scripts, software, ecom products, icons, stories, plugins, websites, reviews, bonuses.. and Ultimate AI creates them all. Pretty much anything you would normally pay between $50 and $2,000 on a freelance site.. can be generated with Ultimate AI, for any niche in seconds...

Case Studies & Training Videos

Really, the whole process is so simple, we shouldn't even need these. But I will do a full breakdown of how each of the systems work, along with case studies on how I made $30k with AI already in 2023. Oh, and I also do free training webinars and update my tools into the future ..
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Fast Action Bonuses If You Buy Today

Fast Action Bonus #1

"$150k in 2023 With AI" Case Studies (NEW)

2023. The year I went ALL IN on AI. I generated over $150k in 2023, all using AI, and with a range of AI tools, all of which are automated via ULTIMATE AI. But, as well as the automation I'll give you a full "case study" breakdown on specifically what I did, logging into accounts, showing you "over the shoulder" proof so you can replicate me...

Fast Action Bonus #2

The "Fill In The Blanks" AI Software

While AI can do maybe 90% of the workload, there's still that stubborn 10%. Luckily, I've built over 100x markeitng software tools. I'll give you half a dozen of these - which sold over $300,000 and would be $200+ if bought separately today - which "fill in the blanks" on any element of my system that the AIs can't do. I toyed with including these as separate upsells, but fair is fair - and you can have these on me.

Fast Action Bonus #3

Lifetime Access To Our AI Insiders Club

When you become an Ultimate AI insider, you'll get lifetime access to our AI Insiders Club. I'm basically living and breathing Generative-AI at this point, so expect updates, webinars, free training, new software tools and much more. I find the best way to keep my list happy is with quality content. Trust me, this is gonna be a fun year and you have front-row seats....

Fast Action Bonus #4

Expert AI Prompt Pack For Maximum Profits

When you join our private nerd-out club, you'll get exclusive access to our expert AI prompts. While technically, everything is preloaded inside Ultimate AI, I know some people like to pull the hood back and look at the engine. If this is you, you're in luck. I update these prompts as regularly as the AI landscape changes - ie. a lot.
And There's ZERO RISK With Our 60-Day

100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

(Finally Passive-Profiting With AI - we guarantee it!)

Examine my automated software suite in your home for 60 days...

Read the quick start guide, use the software..

Steal every last one of our prompts for your own private profit objectives...

Do whatever it takes to convince yourself that it is possible to finally profit - with AI...

But if for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely satisfied, just let me know and your fee will be fully refunded. You can cancel at any time, and for ANY reason. That's how certain I am that you are going to love this...So what are you waiting for? This is 100% risk-free!

So what are you waiting for?

Make Money with AI NOW - before the price increase... .

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Or
100% Of Your Money Back.

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You're just seconds from FINALLY profiting With AI - but there's one thing you need to know...

You've just seen the level of automation here, the time & money that went into putting every step of AI on full autopilot...

You know how exciting Chat-GPT and other "generative AI" tools, but you are barely scratching the surface of their potential...

You deeply suspect there is a private cabal of AI-nerds who have already mastered the AI and are disappearing into the ether...

And you've seen the results that we are getting with this every day...REAL results on ClickBank, Warrior, Upwork, Google & more...

But we can't keep this open much longer. We do need to draw the line somewhere, to protect the our own personal results - and those of our Ultimate AI enlistees.

That's why we are limiting the number of people we allow in to this. Now here's what this means for you...

You have a very limited window of opportunity. A few short moments to get Ultimate AI... unlock the power of AI chains... and finally profit With AI today. My advice: take this opportunity with both hands, before we close this down... forever.

It's Time To Change Your Life &

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  Make Money With Chat GPT, MidJourney, Kaiber & Many More.. RIGHT NOW In April, 2023!
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Here's What Makes


Other AI Guides
Babyish introduction to AI
Uses the word "Chat-GPT" at least six times
Cynically put AI in the product name
Custom software that CONNECTS To Chat-GPT!
PROVEN Case Studies - $100-2000/day with AI
80x Pre-loaded "COMMANDS" that profit!
Create 50x income-generating assets!
Unlock The AI Goldrush... By copy-pasting.
Make Money With Chat GPT, MidJourney, OpenAI & Many More...
REAL 100% DFY Solution For AI Profits.. Starting.. NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)


A: The world's first app that generates dozens of income-generating web assets.. just by copying and pasting from any website.. into our app.. then into Chat-GPT.

Q: How can I use AI to generate $xxx to $x,xxx per day?

A: You can login to the "Ultimate AI" software INSANTLY in your browser. Then use the same methods that made us money.

Q: Which AIs do you profit with?

A: Of course, we use Chat-GPT 4 (the latest edition in April), but there are two other AIs the software connects to - and many more the software works with.

Q: Does this really work with any website? I just copy-paste?

A: Yes, Ultimate AI really does work with any website. You just copy chunks of text from your website (or an affiliate offer, or one of your competitors) then paste into the AI. For best results we recommend you copy-paste at least 50 words...

Q: I am a retired, confused technophobe. Will this help?

A: The good thing about AI is no-one else knows how to use it either.. except me. That's why I am writing this course in crayons. It's hand-puppet time, but by the end even confused newbies will become grizzled Jon Connors.

Q: How can I make money with AI today?

A: Many ways. If you do "normal marketing" then I will give you MANY templates and tactics. Also, remember I will hand you specific case studies - how I made $135, $446, even $2,259 per day - using AI (I dive into each method in depth, and give you the "copy-paste-blueprint")

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